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10:00-14:00, p. M

10:00-14:00, p. M

10:00-14:00, p. M

10:00-14:00, p. M 10:00-14:00, p. M
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Oferta praktyk 2014/15 Włochy

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Westhouse is a medium size consulting and recruiting company specialized in IT, Engineering, Finance, Banking and sales area.

We are operating worldwide thanks to our international presence. This is also the reason why we are cooperating actively with many Universities in Italy, Poland, Czech, Slovak Republic, Hungary.

The official language in Westhouse is English so that we make easier the communication and cooperation with internal employees and external consultants.

I would like to know if your students may be interested in a working experience in Italy (Pesaro or Milan).

Thanks to Erasmus plus program we are arranging the internships of many students and we are offering them a great opportunity to reinforce the language skills and intercultural competencies. This year we have 2 new positions open starting from June 2015.

Contact person:

Angelika Makochon
Account Manager
Please join my Network on
Westhouse Italia Srl
Via del CARSO 27 | 61121 Pesaro | Italy
Phone:  +39-0721-1714161 |  Fax:  +39-0721-050621

Email:  a(dot)makochon(at)westhouse(dot)it
Web: www.westhouse.it

Managing Director: Lorella Pedinotti

Commercial Register: MI-1895466
Court: Milan
Autorizzazione Ministeriale alla Ricerca e Selezione del Personale e alla
Ricollocazione Professionale Prot. 39/0007069/MA004.A003
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