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10:00-14:00, p. M

10:00-14:00, p. M

10:00-14:00, p. M

10:00-14:00, p. M 10:00-14:00, p. M
      Dyżur koordynatora p. 2
13:15-14:50 (od września 2017)


Oferta praktyk 2014/15 Hiszpania

Napisał(a): ibarzycka (ibarzycka) dnia 10.12.2014
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Traineeship title
Consulting business
Detailed programme of the training period:
To support other administrative activities
• To conduct an analysis of competitors.
• To develop and analyse potential customers database.
• To send e-mails to potential customers and collaborators.
• To communicate with universities, search for trainees.
• Polish - Spanish and Spanish-English translations of e-mails and commercial documents (letter of introduction, quotes and invoices).
• To give a presentation about Polish economy in entrepreneur meeting
• To support and coordinate the mail marketing campaigns.
• To support the digital marketing campaigns;
• To develop content items for social media campaigns (Facebook, twitter etc.)
• To survey consumers’ satisfaction (elaboration of questionnaire, analysis and reporting)
• To introduce data to information systems: ERP, CRM, WHMOS, CMS
• To develop content items for e-learning platform ( Chamilo)
Main language of the traineeship: Spanish
any date within 19/01/2015 – 30/12/2015)


Elio Laureano, Ph.D Candidate
Entrepreneur & Co-Founder at  Brox Technology
Estrategias de Marketing & Desarrollo de Negocios de Base Tecnológica
Mba. in Business Administration, Usc, Spain
Centro de Empresas e Innovación Tecnológica, Of: 7D, Cei-Nodus, Lugo, Spain
www.broxtechnology.com Tel: + 34 98221510  /  + 34 727780296

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