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10:00-14:00, p. M

10:00-14:00, p. M

10:00-14:00, p. M

10:00-14:00, p. M 10:00-14:00, p. M
      Dyżur koordynatora p. 2
13:15-14:50 (od września 2017)


Oferta praktyk 2014/15 Hiszpania

Napisał(a): ibarzycka (ibarzycka) dnia 21.11.2014
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We are a Spanish comapny Manager Asesores SL. We work in two areas,business and computer consulting services.
We are contacting you in order to present you our offer of training that students from your college / university may realize in our firm. 
We seek students of Computer Science, as well as Business Management, Administration, Marketing, etc.

Traineeship title: Consulting business

Detailed programme of the training period: any date within 19/01/2015 - 30/12/2015

To support other administrative activities

  • To conduct an analysis of competitors.
  • To develop and analyze potential customers database.
  • To send e-mails to potential customers and collaborators.
  • To communicate with universities, search for trainees.
  • Polish - Spanish and Spanish-English translations of e-mails and
  • commercial documents (letter of introduction, quotes and invoices).
  • To give a presentation about Polish economy in entrepreneur meeting
  • To support and coordinate the mail marketing campaigns.
  • To support the digital marketing campaigns;
  • To develop content items for social media campaigns (facebook, twitter
  • etc.)
  • To survey consumers? satisfaction (elaboration of questionnaire,
  • analysis and reporting)
  • To introduce data to information systems: ERP, CRM, WHMOS, CMS
  • To develop content items for e-learning platform ( Chamilo)

 Main language of the traineeship: Espanish

 Elio Laureano, Ph.D Candidate

Entrepreneur & Co-Founder at  Brox Technology
Estrategias de Marketing & Desarrollo de Negocios de Base Tecnológica
Mba. in Business Administration, Usc, Spain
Centro de Empresas e Innovación Tecnológica, Of: 7D, Cei-Nodus, Lugo, Spain
www.broxtechnology.com http://www.broxtechnology.com
Tel: + 34 982219870

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